About Us

Requirements and challenges for production companies

The problem each manufacturer faces time and again is how to meet demands by making the required quantities of products available in proper time. Giving answer is hard because market demand is uncertain and distributed, while production processes are complex and often geographically dispersed. Customers have a tendency to expect meeting their needs for less and less time: typically, acceptable order lead times are much shorter than actual production lead times. Decisions are made under the pressure of time, relying also on uncertain and incomplete information.

Main goals and offers of the Fraunhofer Project Center

The responsible persons of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Stuttgart, the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (SZTAKI), Budapest, and the Fraunhofer Austria Division for Production and Logistics Management (FhA-PL) established the Fraunhofer Project Center for Production Management and Informatics at SZTAKI.

Taking the challenges enumerated above and the scopes of competence of the three co-operating institutes into consideration, the Project Center offers its applied R&D and consultancy capacities, including services in selecting and implementing ERP, PPC, APS and MES software, furthermore, developing, installing customer-specific, tailor-made solutions in the fields of

  • production planning and optimization,
  • design and management of co-operative production networks,
  • order management in the production and service industries, and
  • real-time, responsive production scheduling and control.