Supply Chains, Production Networks

The Project Center uses and develops tailor-made methods creating benefit by the design of flexible, cost-effective networks that provide enhanced customer orientation and greater transparency with regard to cost structures, inventories and capacity utilization.

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Production Planning and Optimization

The Project Center is committed to finding the right IT support and planning algorithms for your production. Our services cover tender management regarding providers, as well as the development of customized software tools for your specific needs.

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Production and Logstics Simulation

Simulation is a widely applied tool to evaluate the behavior of systems and processes. Advanced simulation software and high computational capacity available in present days allow the detailed inspection of complex systems, which concludes in efficient decision support.

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Order Management

Customer-driven order fulfilment should be the core competence of any business. To fully meet customer demands the factors of production, including human and manufacturing resources, material and information, must be managed. A critical issue is the increasing number of product variants and shrinking lot sizes, which massively increase the complexity and number of orders to be processed.

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Real-time Production Control

Unexpected production demands raised by changing market conditions, late deliveries by suppliers, equipment break downs etc. necessitate a quick response to manufacture goods successfully.

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Requirements and challenges for production companies


The problem each manufacturer faces time and again is how to meet demands by making the required quantities of products available in proper time. Giving answer is hard because market demand is uncertain and distributed, while production processes are complex and often geographically dispersed. Customers have a tendency to expect meeting their needs for less and less time: typically, acceptable order lead times are much shorter than actual production lead times. Decisions are made under the pressure of time, relying also on uncertain and incomplete information.  



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We offer solutions in the fields of

  • production planning and optimization,
  • design and management of co-operative production networks,
  • order management in the production and service industries, and
  • real-time, responsive production scheduling and control.