Production and Logstics Simulation

Simulation is a widely applied tool to evaluate the behavior of systems and processes. Advanced simulation software and high computational capacity available in present days allow the detailed inspection of complex systems, which concludes in efficient decision support. Discrete event modeling and simulation of manufacturing and logistics systems provide the following features:

  • analyzing an entire system or process,
  • discovering weaknesses, e.g. identifying bottlenecks or unused capacities in a system,
  • understanding the correlation between the processes of information and material flow,
  • evaluating different solutions, what-if scenarios,
  • analyzing the effects of uncertainty on a systems behavior, e.g. failures, changes in sequence.

Our solutions and services

Our associates in the project center have long years of experience in simulation and modeling, which is proven by numerous successful projects. Beside ordinary  - commercial software based - simulation projects, our own simulation tool has also been developed allowing the execution of simulation analysis without any software specific knowledge. This solution is fully ISA-95 compatible and can be operated with different simulation engines. Our associates provide support in the following activities:

  • analyzing and preparing input data,
  • building up the simulation model as well as testing and validation,
  • evaluating and incorporating the results.