Information Technologies

Research and development issues of production engineering that are in the focus of the Project Center require the mastering of advanced modelling, simulation, as well as information and communication technologies. In fact, the complexity of problems, the available technologies and the multiple scales at which some systems should interact require engineers, mathematicians, social scientists, economists and IT specialists to collaborate when developing multidisciplinary solutions.

Recent developments produced an explosive growth in computer-, communication-, and information- technologies. High-performance, cluster and grid computing, the world-wide web, universal access and connectivity, auto-identification, virtual reality, digital enterprise technology, database and data mining technologies and enterprise integration are but the most important methods and techniques that should be applied in production management and informatics.

Our IT Solutions

A major mission of the Project Center is to offer expertise and services for supporting the industry-proof application of the above technologies in the fields of order management, production planning and optimization, scheduling and control, as well as networked production. In particular, the Project Center performs applied research and provides cutting-edge knowledge, mainly but not exclusively in the following areas of information technologies:

  • Simulation of material flow, ERP/PPC systems and production networks
  • Agent technologies
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Distributed data management
  • Software-as-a-service solutions
  • Web technology and web-based simulation
  • Data mining
  • Optimization with mathematical programming and artificial intelligence tools
  • Modelling of factories in virtual worlds